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In this article, we will look at the main trends: what widgets should be used on Instagram in 2020, what promotion methods are still relevant, what is happening with the coverage and algorithm and how Instagram policy is changing.

Instagram policy: we create a safe and comfortable community

Instagram actively opposes discrimination, propaganda of violence, harassment on the Internet and cares about the mental health of its users.

In 2019, the abolition of likes began and this update in 2020 is likely to appear in everyone. Likes have been removed so that users do not compare themselves with each other and enjoy the content instead of being measured by likes. By the way, following the link you will receive 50 free likes on instagram.

The user will still be able to see the number of likes under his post in the statistics. But the exact number of likes under someone else’s posts is no longer displayed.

Potentially unacceptable content Instagram hides and shows you only if you want to.

Moderation appeared in the comments. Now, if Instagram «sees» images in the comments, it will ask the author: «Do you really want to post this?».

Users can now also restrict access to their account. In this case, their new comments will first be moderated by the account holder and only if he publishes them — will be visible to everyone.

An anti-bullying sticker appeared in Stories. It does not have any clear and practical functionality, but it can be used to support others.

An anti-bullying sticker appeared in Stories. It does not have any clear and practical functionality, but it can be used to support others.

One way or another, this channel of communication with the audience cannot be ignored. But keep in mind that Stories is also a struggle for users’ attention, and for your Stories to be viewed, there must be several of them during the day, and most importantly, they must be interesting.

If you have a lot of trouble and misunderstanding with the Stories, look at the recording of my webinar «Best Stories» — it will immediately solve a number of your problems.

In addition, masks and AR filters are being actively developed. Now everyone can make their own masks and in order to add a new mask to your account you no longer need to be signed by the author. But nevertheless own mask can become a recognizable element of a personal brand.
Instagram rules are changing to make the social network fairer

Sincerity in the expression of feelings and naturalness in photos and videos have long been a trend. For photo shoots, brands now invite normal people, not ideal models. And bloggers are now talking about their imperfect lives, failures and fears, not just about successful success.

Instagram also stands for honesty and fights fake news. Now the news for which complaints will be received will be sent for verification. If it turns out that the post is a fake, it will be excluded from the organic issue and marked with a special label.

This is to protect users from being thrown in during the 2020 US election.
Social initiatives are of great interest to the audience

It is no longer interesting for anyone to follow the account of the «happy wife of the best husband». Accounts that take an active position, defend some of their beliefs or defend their rights are now of great interest. Feminism, body posites, LGBT people, ecology, domestic violence — these are the topics that resonate with people today.

In 2019, it became clear that Instagram is a huge force and with its help people can help each other, defend and defend.

A wave in defense of Ivan Golunov and the removal of charges from him. A wave of defense of Pavel Ustinov. And the events of November: more than 5,000 publications on the tag # детям_нужен_каабак and recovery as a transplant doctor M. Kaabak.

As for Instagram, he made a sticker to donate to charitable foundations. Unfortunately, this sticker is not yet available in Russia.

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